An analysis of the vietnam war as the nations longest war

Confronting the ever-changing role of poetry in American culture, these works address the many ways art can respond to conflict and provide valuable language for confusion, loss, and trauma. An estimated 2 million Vietnamese civilians were killed, and 58, US soldiers died in action. Email this page View of American troops from the rd Airborne Brigade as they exit a helicopter 40 miles south of Saigon, Vietnam, August The aim of the American war campaign—to grind down the enemy until the communists in the North agreed to abandon their bid for control of the South—was impossible.

Sacrificing Democracy for Democracy But the communists succeeded in Vietnam. With the Soviet threat growing, concerns over a communist takeover in Vietnam far outweighed anti-imperialist ideals.

The confusion arises from the fact that the U. With the adopted name Ho Chi Minhmeaning "enlightened one," he planned to take his teachings home to Vietnam to awaken his own people, to unite and train them, and to lead them in their own revolution. In the following years, Thanh, disillusioned by the Western democratic process, pursued new and more radical solutions to imperial rule in his country.

But against whom, exactly, were the Americans fighting? The war has lasted for nearly 13 years and is scheduled to end by the end of Unlikely and hopefully not! Vietnam was, at last, united—and united under a communist government. On behalf of his people living within the French empire in Indochina, Thanh sought to lobby the Western leaders for greater rights.

Minh, considered by many Vietnamese—in the North as well as the South—to be the valiant hero of their liberation, was confident that he would win the election against any opponent representing the government in the South.

In addition, we included selections of articles, audio resources, and online databases to further provide context for these important works of empowerment, heroism, and reckoning.

When in AugustJapan surrendered to the Allied powers and relinquished its holdings in Indochina, Ho Chi Minh became confident that he and the Viet Minh would at last gain control of the country.

Hence, if one bases the start date on when America first got involved in Vietnam, the conflict would last for over 25 years. Appeared in Poetry Magazine.

To destroy the resistance in the South—and to defend against the spread of Communism throughout the globe—it seemed vital to crush the regime in North Vietnam.

It was on October 7, when the U. The war in Afghanistan may be more popular to American people than the one in Vietnam. The Unwinnable War The reality? So, in the s while still in France, he joined the Communist Party. However, it still falls short of longevity compared with the Vietnam War on many counts.

In remembrance of American involvement in Vietnam, the Poetry Foundation has assembled a selection of poems from our archives that address the conflict and its aftermath.

The Poetry of the Vietnam War

Holbrooke said American casualties began no later than Cluster bombs, napalm air strikes, search and destroy missions, water torture, deadly chemical sprays, and huge numbers of casualties—bysome 3, Vietnamese casualties were reported each month—did little to break the will of the American enemy, and never ensured a U.Military Thinking On Strategy: A Critical Analysis of the Vietnam War.

by Harry G.

Is the Vietnam War America’s Longest War?

Summers, Jr. Presidio Press. pp. $ Colonel Harry Summers begins A Journal of Significant Thought and Opinion. If The Vietnam War as a whole has a point to make, it would appear to be that war is a great tragedy.

Of course, this qualifies as a truism. Of course, this qualifies as a truism. The war in Vietnam wasn't about two separate countries. For the Vietnamese, this was a war about one country with two warring factions, and the weaker of those two had essentially been created and certainly bolstered by the U.S.

The Vietnam War greatly changed America forever. It was the longest war fought in America’s history, lasting from to The Vietnam War tarnished America’s self image by becoming the first time in history the United States failed to accomplish its stated war aims, to preserve a separate, independent, noncommunist government.

The official end of the Vietnam War for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ purposes is May 7, Matching that with the DoD start date would make the Vietnam War 19 years, six months long. The war in Afghanistan is longer than the Vietnam War if only one considers its start from the Gulf of Tonkin incident on August 5, as discussed above.

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If the war continues in and beyond, however, it would surpass the conflict in Vietnam and become America’s longest war.

An analysis of the vietnam war as the nations longest war
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