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We will make a cvxpy PyTorch layer to enable quick prototyping of the optimization-based layers this thesis studies. Grading and Evaluation The grading and evaluation of the Comprehensive Cmu thesis proposal will not be announced until a review has been conducted by the entire faculty of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Doctoral Dissertation Proposals and Defenses

We derive fast error rates for additive trend filtering and prove that these rates are minimax optimal when the underlying function is itself additive and has component functions whose derivatives have bounded kth order TV. We will focus on bounding the estimation error.

From a statistical standpoint, we analyze four user-friendly methods for regression and Cmu thesis proposal modeling. Further, I will focus on a new formalization of proxy use, and tools for its detection and repair.

Robotics Thesis Proposal

Recognizing these concerns, it is important to make real-world automated decision-making systems accountable for privacy and fairness by enabling them to detect and explain violations of these values.

In some circumstances, student advisors may recommend a different timeline for this examination, and students should discuss this possibility with their individual advisor. KS test is known to have limited power in discovering differences in the tails of distributions, but the proposed test attempts to rectify that with higher k under certain conditions.

Thursday, May 11, - 1: We will derive an asymptotic distribution for the test statistic under null hypothesis that the two samples are drawn from the same distribution. The thesis proposal should consist of no more than 12 single-spaced pages with 1 inch margins.

Applications are due in December for admittance the following fall. At least three members must be from the program. Thesis Proposals Automated identification and repair of state-based framework directive violations Professional developers use software frameworks for the benefits of architectural reuse: As a final component, I propose to implement the language as part of a compiler for Standard ML, and evaluate it on a benchmark suite including a number of realistic responsive parallel applications.

This will be done using the appropriate form s for each university. From this study, I found that the most time-consuming difficulty developers faced was caused by the state restrictions on objects in the framework.

Computer Science Thesis Proposal

The first portion describes the input-convex neural network ICNN architecture that helps make inference and learning in deep energy-based models and structured prediction more tractable. AI majors will receive the same solid grounding in computer science and math courses as other computer science students.

We show that many existing neural network architectures can be made input-convex with a minor modification, and develop specialized optimization algorithms tailored to this setting. Thesis Proposals Statistical and Computational Properties of Some "User-Friendly" Methods for High-Dimensional Estimation As high-dimensional estimation is ubiquitous these days, it is important for practitioners as well as statisticians to understand that statistical and computational properties are not the only considerations when choosing a method.

Thesis Proposals Scaling up Self-Supervision for Robot Learning A general purpose robot will need to interact with objects in cluttered environments with minimal supervision.

Excitement about these systems has been accompanied by serious concerns about their opacity and the threats that they pose to privacy, fairness, and other values.

Thesis Proposal Examination

In this thesis, we present new results on user-friendly methods in various high-dimensional estimation settings. We then discuss and propose solutions to challenges that arise when doing inference and learning in these models. Students cannot begin in the spring.

We define two new higher-order TV classes, relate them Cmu thesis proposal Holder classes, and derive lower bounds on their minimax errors. When a student fails, there is no option for that student to retake the exam.

In this proposal, I will address issues due to covariate shifts in causal testing of machine-learned systems. There should be NO discussion of the exam amongst examinees until after the final oral exam is held and the outcome communicated.

Appendices optional Time Frame The Thesis Proposal Examination is typically taken between twelve and twenty-four months following the successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination and more than nine months prior to the final PhD Dissertation Defense. This presentation is not public but is open only to students and faculty of the Program and members of their research groups.

We will study the use of optimization and deep energy-based methods in combinatorial and discrete output spaces. We will study the use of control as a differentiable policy class that can be used with reinforcement learning. CMU has a long history in artificial intelligence, including the creation of the first AI computer program in and pioneering work in self-driving cars, facial recognition and natural language processing.

Requests for extensions of this date must be submitted in writing to the program Directors no later than eight weeks before the end of the semester in which the defense would normally occur. Thesis Proposals Differentiable Optimization-Based Inference for Machine Learning This thesis presents machine learning models, paradigms, and primitive operations that involve using optimization as part of the inference procedure.

Learn more on our Undergraduate Admissions page. TV based extensions of Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. Monday, May 1, - The ultimate goal of the tool is to provide a way for framework designers to improve developer experience and reduce the challenges of framework development.

Procedures for Ph.D. Proposal Exam

This will include independent study opportunities in using AI for social good, such as improving transportation, health care or education. These layers encode constraints and complex dependencies between the hidden states that traditional convolutional and fully-connected layers often cannot capture.Sep 21,  · Thesis Proposals Scaling up Self-Supervision for Robot Learning A general purpose robot will need to interact with objects in cluttered environments with minimal supervision.

Thesis Proposal Undergraduate Programs The admissions process for each undergraduate major varies from program to program, but admissions for our main bachelor of science in computer science are handled through Carnegie Mellon's central Office of Undergraduate Admission.

A student may retake the Ph.D. Dissertation proposal exam no more than once. Joint CMU-Pitt Ph.D. Program in Computational Biology Supported by.

Latex starters for creating a CMU thesis or thesis proposal - robsimmons/cmu-thesis. The Thesis Proposal Examination is designed to evaluate a candidate’s ability to plan, conduct and communicate independent research in both oral and written form.

The quality of the proposal document is an important part of the evaluation. Each year the department holds a thesis proposal. Thesis Proposal Information Prior to scheduling your thesis proposal, you MUST first check with Connie Herold, [email protected], to make sure no other ISR student is defending or proposing on the day you.

Cmu thesis proposal
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