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The colour reflects not only from physical causes but also from suspended impurities. People should water their lawn and garden only when they need water. Sources of drinking water: People use up our planets fresh water faster than it can naturally be replenished so, save water for the Earth, family and community.

But most importantly water is most precious in all the three essentials of life. Three-fourth surface of the earth is covered by the water even after people are suffering from water scarcity in many regions of the India and other countries.

Let us know if you need any revisions and we will do it for you. We should stop misusing water, manage water usage properly, and maintain the quality of water.

This big problem cannot be solved alone or only a group of some people, it is the problem which needs global efforts of people together. Our single page application website ensures a supreme speed of all your operations. Difficulties faced by the people in various regions because of water scarcity teach us to conserve and save water in order to protect the water environment, save life and save world.

We should encourage our family members, children, friends, neighbors and co-workers to do the same from their end to get the positive result.

Use of fully loaded washing machines and dishwashers saves around to gallons per month. Everything on the earth need water like human beings, animals, trees, plants, insects, and other living things. We require plenty of water every day for drinking, cooking and washing.

Arsenic contaminated water made the problem more grave. We can clearly imagine that, in the near future there would be much shortage of clean water all over the world. A little effort from the end of millions of people can give a big positive result towards the save water campaign.

People in the rural villages of India, Africa and Asia have to go for long around 3. We should save our water from the water pollution by inhibiting the mixing of industrial wastes and other wastes into the water.

Awareness programmes should be run to let common people know about the potential problems caused by the drinking or normal water scarcity. Proper water management systems should be promoted by the builders in all industrial buildings, apartments, school, hospitals, etc to bring more efficiency in the water saving.

You can select any save water essay given below according to your need and requirement. It has also been estimated that around or more than 3 billion of people would suffer water shortages by Fortunately, in some states, arrangements are afoot to harvest every-drop of rainwater.

Water Is Precious

Use of flow restrictors to the showers also saves more water.Free Essays on Water Is Precious. Get help with your writing.

1 through Water Is Precious: Let Us Save It L Kanta Singh * Loktak Lake:: Pix - Sushil Khomdram. Water is an essential part of all life on the globe.

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Plant and animal could not live without water. Water is without doubt one of the most undervalued resources on earth. Without water life would not exist on the planet - all living things rely on water and without it we die, quite quickly.

Humans can survive without food for up to a month, but without drinking water survival is limited to a matter of days. Save Water Essay 3 ( words) Water is the precious gift to our life on the earth from the God. According to the availability of the water on earth we can understand the importance of water in our lives.

Water serves a multitude of different purposes, and it is vital that we preserve this precious natural resource. Access to water is essential to ensuring the health and well-being of.

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Essay water is precious
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