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Descartes believed that both the complexity of human behavior and human speech requires the positing of such an immaterial substance in order to be explained.

In other words, a being with inherent value has rights, and these rights act as trumps against the promotion of the overall good.

However, since we think that these beings do have moral rights there must be some other property that grounds these rights. Animals today in our society play a big part in the lives of human beings on emotional and physical aspects.

On this line of thought, if one kind of being regularly eats another kind of being, then the first is said to be higher on the food chain. In support of premise 1many argue that pain and pleasure are directly morally relevant, and that there is no reason to discount completely the pleasure or pain of any being.

We as a human society have the privilege of making laws that are supposed to be ethical for animals and their overall well being. According to Singer, we are required to count every similar interest equally in our deliberation.

The argument against indirect theories is that they cannot accommodate this intuition in a satisfying way. For example, experiments used to test cosmetics or other non-necessary products for human beings cannot be justified if we use the Principle of Equal Consideration of Interests.

This was expanded by Peter Singer, inwho wrote in Animal Liberation that arbitrarily treating humans above animals — particularly in marginal cases where animals may be as intelligent as young children or severely cognitively-impaired adults — was not justified.

Francis and Norman, ; Steinbock, People also commonly use the flaws of indirect theories as a reason to support the claim that animals have direct moral status.

Furthermore, the values of appreciating art, literature, and the goods that come with deep personal relationships all require one to be rational, autonomous, and self-conscious. Cambridge University Press, His moral principle that assigns moral status on the basis of intelligence or rationality is not what has led him astray.

An Evolutionary and Ethical Perspective Berkeley: On this conception of rights, if a being has a right then others have a duty to refrain from infringing that right; rights entail duties. Our duties towards animals are merely indirect duties towards humanity.

Rather, they are identical with their souls, or the immaterial, mental substance that constitutes their consciousness.Animal research ethics - essay resource. The ethics of animal research.

The Human Use of Animals: Case Studies in Ethical Choice (Beauchamp et al.) investigates a number of difficult issues regarding the use of animals in society.

Through 16 case studies, and plenty of ethical theory, the authors attempt to navigate the moral minefields. Overview of Animal Testing. The Use of Animals for test observations and Experimentations for the greater understanding of reactions from a particular substance or raw material that goes into some goods or medicines that we consumers consume can be termed as Animal Testing.

Procter and Gamble's actions towards animals are. Ethics helps to create laws that hold humans accountable for their illegal actions against animals. helps to influence what you consider as an individual to be considered unethical and ethical for animals. How does either of these acts benefit animals in any way?

Continue for 5 more pages» • Join now to read essay Animal Ethics and /5(1). As we build the foundation to our lives we fail to consider the impact of these actions towards the animals involved in circuses.

Animals and Ethics

The treatment towards animals in the circus is unethical. The Ethical Treatment of Animals Essay - I believe in the ethical treatment for all animals is an ethical obligation by all humans. We have come to an era.

Free Essay: Is there ethical treatment for animals in captivity? The term “ethical” implies the moral basis of treatment towards animals while “captivity”. Mar 16,  · How to Write an Ethics Paper. extreme pain," the moral burden is on the patient's actions.

The author of this thesis would need to make sure to focus on the patient in the essay and not to focus on the moral implications of the doctor's actions. "I was really confused on how to even begin an essay about an ethical dilemma 80%(74).

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Ethical actions towards animals essay
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