Global proofreading and copy editing services

Proofreading Services — Open worldwide. Would the rate for 1, words cover up to 60 minutes time of a skilled professional that is suitable to the task of proofreading and editing your document?

I was very surprised when I got the corrections in less than a week in my mailbox. Kibin — Occasionally hiring freelance proofreaders and editors. Vicki McGinley, West Chester University, USA "I was impressed that it was done timely, and wherever the content was not clear for the reader, the paper was improved with better readability for the audience.

Professional Editors. Affordable Rates.

Kirkus Media — Frequently has openings for work at home editors, book reviewers, and also copywriters. The editing, formatting, and other checks were very thorough. This is bad for everyone in the industry because it makes potential clients wary of ordering proofreading services online.

They promise competitive pay and flexible hours. You can also get home-based job leads sent to you weekly via email if you become a subscriber. There is a HUGE demand for this! Sibia Proofreading — Must have extensive editing experience, and must be a native English speaker to qualify.

Must have extensive experience and education to qualify. Check their job openings page to see if position is listed. If there are lots of positive reviews then this is obviously a good sign. Here are two ways many of my readers are doing this, along with links to training that can help you learn how to set yourself up for success.

Rex Bringula, University of the East, Philippines "I was especially impressed by your quick and adequate response, as well as the very easy way to ensure payment. Their feedback helped to improve the quality of our manuscript. Must have plenty of experience.

As such, it is easy to work out whether a price is too good to be true by asking yourself the following question: Contact us to learn more about eContent Pro International and allow us to open an enterprise account for you. And no, you do not need a college degree.Blog. 2nd November - Proofreading Services.

25 Companies That Hire Work at Home Proofreaders and Editors

A Warning on Scam Websites Offering “Proofreading Services” We often have people coming to us for help after being either outright scammed or extremely disappointed with the service they received from another proofreading service provider. Global Editing Team. Our team of. Our professional English Proofreading services are ideal for authors looking for a basic grammar and consistency check on their manuscript drafts, just prior to journal submission.

Copy Editing Services + Structural Review; Cover Letter; Rejection Shield *additional 3 Cents/Word only. Enago is the trusted name in author services for the.

Editing, proofreading and manuscript evaluation services by specialist book editors. Businesses & Professionals Flexibility and confidentiality are key features of our business editing and proofreading services.

Global Proofreading and Copy-editing was founded to provide a fast and accurate service for the proofreading and copy-editing industry. We employ only qualified professionals to undertake our work and our aim is to build long-term relationships between publishers and.

25 Companies That Hire Work at Home Proofreaders and Editors. By Anna T. Share ; Tweet; Pin ; Proofreading Services – Open worldwide.

Quality, Timely, and Affordable Professional Services

They promise competitive pay and flexible hours. Sibia Proofreading – Must have extensive editing experience, and must be a native English speaker to qualify. Advisory Board Opportunity With Professional Proofreading & Copy-Editing Services.

Global Proofreading and Copy-editing Ltd.

Global proofreading and copy editing services
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