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The goal is to give readers i. A more modern equivalent has been the " " symbol. I am not saying every news outlet will use your exact lead, or even publish the release in full, but it does give them a good idea of how they might approach your story. This structure works well for most businesses: Tell the story, add dimension and readability, with quotes, bullet points and paragraph heads in bold text.

We were looking to establish I Met a Ghost as a mainstream took, a serious look at the unexplained phenomenon so prevalent at many historic sites. Did you notice all the keywords peppered throughout the boilerplate?

Top 40 Press Release Examples from the Pros

The quote should answer any questions the reader might have. He, she, it, and they are in the third person. There are also multimedia components to the news release such as logos for the companies, social media links and images of the products the company sells.

It tells you nothing about the company or its products, except for its location. We included statistics in the press release of how many teenagers and young adults reported clearer acne after using our product, which I believe is what helped us gain over 8, followers on our Instagram and 3, on our Facebook account.

Remember these rules and you will do well. It does a great job of explaining what the company does.

How to Write a Press Release for an Event

Stick to one URL, two if you really have to. It also received a very high pick-up from web services. Entice reader to consume content. How much information is enough? The boilerplate text is standardized, i. A story about a Fortune company is more interesting than one by a no-name business.

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The news outlet will asked for text format if they need text. Remember you want people to be drawn to your event. Adding them to the boilerplate is not only good for SEO, but will also help journalists find your press release when they search for these keywords.

It is not meant to give every detail, it covers the basics, and the most common press release errors many people make. Use a one-sentence pitch to nail this down. The reader feels they are getting more value by attending than staying away.

Carrying on the major events theme ofthe resort posted a This Day in History at the front desk. Positives[ edit ] Press release material can be beneficial towards media corporations because releases help decrease costs and improve the amount of material a firm can output in a certain amount of time.

The inline emphasis above is: Kristen also recommends pitching writers directly over pitching editors saying: Includes the city of origin, and the date of the release. This often causes them to heavily rely on the use of press releases in order to create their stories.Nov 10,  · A press release is the quickest and easiest way to get free publicity.

If well written, a press release can result in multiple published articles about your firm and its products. And that can. Apple Newsroom is the source for news about Apple. Read press releases, get updates, watch video and download images.

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The recent announcement for a position that NASA has had since the s – Planetary Protection Officer – has generated a lot of excitement in the public, as. WASHINGTON—House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) today issued the following statement.

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How to write a press release statement from
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