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Observers have recorded the untiring energy with which he sketched while abroad, and the drawings, numbering about 19, in the Turner Bequest, bear witness to this labour. Monro, who opened his home to young artists and paid Turner and Thomas Girtin to make copies in the evening, partly with the object of encouraging them.

The best modern authorities are John Gage and Martin Butlin, who have hitherto confined their research mainly to specialist studies. Monro, Life of william turner by simon copy works of the major topographical draughtsmen of his time and perfect his skills in drawing. In Turner was admitted to the Life of william turner by simon Academy Schools, where he attended life classes and worked fairly regularly from the antique from to Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

He first exhibited in at the age of 15, was elected associate royal academician in and royal academician inand became professor of perspective in and deputy president in His last exhibition at the Royal Academy was in Turner quickly became the most brilliant topographical artist of his day, combining minutely observed realism with an incomparable richness of tints and glow of light.

By he owned a house by the river at Chelsea, where he lived with a widow, Sophia Caroline Booth, assuming her surname. The following year he exhibited Rain, Steam, and Speed—The Great Western Railway, which has been described as a salute to the new railway age.

Finberg,is a mine of facts, based on monumental research. He was also employed to make copies or elaborations of unfinished drawings by the recently deceased landscape painter John Robert Cozens. The castles and mountains of Wales, the coast of England, its rivers and valleys, the antiquities of Scotland, the Rhine, the Alps—the list of his tours is almost a complete guide to picturesque travel from the turn of the century.

After a trip to the field of Waterloo and the Rhine inTurner set out in the summer of on his first visit to Italy. The son of a barber, J. He visited Wales in, andYorkshire and the Lake District inthe Midlands inScotland inand the European continent for the first time in Turner was recognised as an artistic genius: In works such as Snowstorm: Wreckers Coast of Northumberland, painted ca.

In his last years he lived the life of a recluse under an assumed name in Chelsea. He never married, although he had two daughters by Sarah Danby, one born inthe other in Even the watercolors made from his sketches on his first visit to the Alps in are firmly controlled by observation and his scientific interest in geology.

His finished paintings were bequeathed to the British nation, and he intended that a special gallery would be built to house them. Joseph Mallord William Turner The English painter Joseph Mallord William Turner was one of the greatest romantic interpreters of nature in the history of Western art and is still unrivaled in the virtuosity of his painting of light.

A few of the oil paintings remain at the National Gallery. However, in Hannibal Crossing the Alpsan emphasis on the destructive power of nature had already come into play. Turner continued to travel.

Financial independence allowed Turner to innovate freely; his mature work is characterised by a chromatic palette and broadly applied atmospheric washes of paint.

He was by this time overwhelmed with commissions, and the success of his career was assured. Turner, ; in the National Gallery, London.

Biography of Turner

At first Turner showed a keen interest in architecture but was advised to keep to painting by the architect Thomas Hardwick junior.George William Turner 15 Feb Alabama, USA Simon Berry Turner 10 Mar Gwinnett, Georgia, United States - 13 Jul managed by Deborah Dunn.

Free-Space Genealogy pages: Turner Family Mysteries Lake Wales, Florida 2 comments, managed by Shaunna Turner. Joseph Mallord William Turner, –, English landscape painter, b. London. Turner was the foremost English romantic painter and the most original of.

Biography of Simon Turner

The life and works of Joseph Mallord William Turner by G. Fernández - The popular confusion between genius and madness is clearer than ever in the biography of Joseph Mallord William Turner ().

J.M.W. Turner

Simon Schama's Power of Art: Joseph Mallord William Turner. One of Britain's most celebrated artists, Turner showed exceptional artistic talent from an early age. In this paper, Simon Schama writes about the life of William Turner and how he was criticized for his work, which was actually some of the best of his time.

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Life of william turner by simon
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