Literature review of e banking

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Literature Review of Internet Banking: Writing Literature Review Literature review of e banking E-Banking Establish the Value of your Research with Literature Review on Online Banking In writing your literature review, you should be able to recognize the most crucial aspects as to guarantee its quality.

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Therefore, the present article analyzes and synthesizes existing studies of m-banking adoption and maps the major theories that researchers have used to predict consumer intentions to adopt it.

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Abstract Electronic commerce e-commerce continues to have a profound impact on the global business environment, but technologies and applications also have begun to focus more on mobile computing, the wireless Web, and mobile commerce.

Against this backdrop, mobile banking m-banking has emerged as an important distribution channel, with considerable research devoted to its adoption. Previous article in issue. In order for you to maximize the efficiency of your literature review on e-banking, you should first understand its purpose and goals.

We personalized review of literature on e-banking; this way, you can save time, money and even hassle. This study makes several recommendations for continued research in the area of mobile banking.

Moreover, the extant literature appears limited by its narrow focus on SMS banking in developing countries; virtually no studies address the use of m-banking applications via smartphones or tablets or consider the consequences of such usage. The findings indicate that the m-banking adoption literature is fragmented, though it commonly relies on the technology acceptance model and its modifications, revealing that compatibility with lifestyle and deviceperceived usefulness, and attitude are the most significant drivers of intentions to adopt m-banking services in developed and developing countries.

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Thank you for your service!! Testimonials Carla, USA I am extremely happy with the content and will await the final, proofread document. Primary sources will help you develop a winning literature review on online banking as they are firmly rooted of proper analysis and synthesis of information.On searching literature review we found different factor that encourages consumer to use and accept internet banking channel.

Li et al () argued that understanding of the internet channel, convenience, perceived accessibility, familiarity and utility are key factors that influenced the adoption of electronic banking by consumer. Review of Related Literature Online banking first introduced in the UK was early s when number of banks conduct test with their own Internet services.

Writing Literature Review on Internet Banking

The first major financial institutions to offer a web-based banking service in the UK was Nationwide Building Society’s Online Banking websites. To know the impact of e-banking on various aspects, the research studies undertaken for the review have been classified into four categories, i.e., studies related to banks, studies related to customers, studies related to service quality and.

e-banking customers is directly affected by satisfaction and trust in an online bank and both satisfaction and trust are determined by consumer perceptions of website quality. Despite considerable research on m-banking adoption that has appeared in international journals across disciplines, a review of literature on m-banking adoption remains missing.

Such a review represents an important milestone in the development of a research field. Writing Literature Review on Internet Banking. How to Develop a Winning Literature Review on Internet Banking. Writing an Effective Review of Literature on E-Banking.

Writing Literature Review on E-Banking

The technical aspects of your literature review include structure, format, style, length and even layout. It is essential that your literature review on internet banking are 5/5.

Literature review of e banking
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