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It would be comforting to think that the forced conscription of children into the armed forces during the war in Sierra Leone was an aberration, not something that can happen again in the modern world.

Beah writes that his village was attacked in January and after that he became a refugee from the war. For the reader, then, transported to a land he or she knows nothing about for the American reader, that isthe war seems not only almost unimaginably brutal but also meaningless.

The war was characterized by extreme human rights violations, including the widespread use of child soldiers on both sides. British troops were deployed, and it is only in the wake of this action that the country found peace. He is also fueled by feelings of revenge—instilled into him by his army officers—against the rebels because they killed his family.

They were forced to fight against the rebel army.

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Ishmael managed to do these things, and became a spokesperson, representing the children of Sierra Leone and the rehabilitation center that saved him to the United Nations.

The war continued after Ishmael was rescued from it, as he himself found out when he went to stay with his uncle in Freetown after his rehabilitation. The Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict has been ratified by Long way gone study guide essay.

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According to a Global Report published in by the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers, at the end of children were used as soldiers in seventeen armed conflicts around the globe.

After Ishmael returns to Freetown, Sierra Leone, a coup by the RUF and the military ousts the civilian government, and the war Ishmael has been avoiding catches up with him. Several times over the course of his trials, he and his friends are saved by music, symbolized by the hip hop tape he carries with him that proves to villagers and interrogators that Ishmael and his friends are not a threat.

The love and compassion he finds at the center from a nurse named Esther opens up an understanding and forgiveness within himself. By fighting had reached the capital of Freetown, and the government was ousted, only to be reinstated a year later.

The book begins with Ishmael as a young child. They were kept there, trained to fight there, and given drugs there that would provide them with energy while desensitizing them to the violence of war.

Barefoot, they traveled on even though the heat burned the skin on their feet. What is the situation in Sierra Leone today? How widespread is the use of child soldiers?

Ishmael Beah was forced to run away from attacking rebels in Sierra Leone at the young age of When they reach the village, a man stops them and asks them to help him collect bananas. Ishmael Beah also wrote a novel titled Radiance of Tomorrow, which was published in Memoirs of a Boy Soldier When Written: By thirteen, he had experienced incidents that others may not have to deal with throughout their entire lives.

As refugees from the war are slowly returning from neighboring countries, the Sierra Leone government is trying to create jobs and end political corruption.

The aim of the RUF was to seize and control the diamond sector, and in it took control of the diamond mines in the Kono district. However, this period was marked by extensive government corruption and abuse of power.

However, his focus was centered primarily on hip hop. Ishmael says nothing about the causes of the war, or what each side was fighting for, or of the overall political and social conditions in Sierra Leone that caused the war. This confirms the tenor of the book as a whole: They learn that some of their relatives are in a village about thirty miles away.

Among the confusion, violence, and uncertainty of the war, Ishmael, his brother, and his friends wander from village to village in search of food and shelter.

Some critics point to the structure of the book to confirm this. Only two chapters 13 and 14 cover his actual experiences as a soldier although he does present more incidents from his military service at various points in flashbacks.

They keep moving until they find the village where their relatives are supposedly living, but they are captured and interrogated again. Although eventually returned to his extended family, when the civil war reached Freetown inBeah fled for the neighboring country of Guinea and was flown to New York with the help of a workshop facilitator he had met at the United Nations.

At the age of 16 however, he was removed from the unit by the UNICEF and was given a chance to be forgiven and to be loved once more. Their shoes are stolen, and then they are forced to leave the village.A Long Way Gone Essay Topics Upgrade to Premium to enroll in A Long Way Gone Study Guide.

Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams. Track course progress. A Long Way Gone is the true story of Ishmael Beah, who becomes an unwilling boy soldier during a civil war in Sierra Leone. When he is twelve years old, Beah's village is attacked while he is away performing in a rap group with friends.

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Among the confusion, violence, and uncertainty of the war. A Long Way Gone Essay Prompts. A Long Way Gone Essay. A Long Way Gone Vocabulary Sheet. Study Guide a Long Way Gone. Math Formulas for Grade A Long Way Gone Discussion Questions.

A Long Way. The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. Documents Similar To Essay, A long way gone. PTSD Development in a Long Way Gone 5/5(2). A Long Way Gone Homework Help Questions. What's a summary for Chapter 12 of A Long Way Gone by Isahmael Beach?

In Chapter 12 of A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, Beah and the friends with whom he. A Long Way Gone Essay. the memoir A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, this is not the case. In the beginning it starts off with Ishmael as an innocent child who loves rap music, but it all get destroyed in the blink of an eye.

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