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Mahan believed that if the British blockaded the eastern ports, the US Navy should be concentrated in one of them, preferably New York, with its two widely separated exits, and employ torpedo boats to defend the other harbors.

Third, his economic ideal was free trade Mahan thesis than autarchy. During his first year on the faculty, he remained at his home in New York City researching and writing his lectures.

At the outbreak of World War Ihe published statements favorable Mahan thesis the cause of Great Britain, but in an attempt to enforce American Mahan thesis, President Woodrow Wilson ordered that all active and retired officers refrain from publicly commenting on the war.

The s were marked by social and economic unrest throughout the United States, which culminated in the onset of an economic depression between and Inat Holy Trinity Church in BrooklynMahan emphasized his own religious experience and declared that one needed a personal relationship with God given through the work of the Holy Spirit.

His ideas decisively shaped Japanese naval doctrine, especially in the fleet actions of World War II. The Man and his Letters. Five years later, the United States obtained a perpetual lease for a naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Control of the sea could be achieved not by destruction of commerce but only by destroying or neutralizing the enemy fleet. Fourth, his recognition of the influence of geography on strategy was tempered by a strong appreciation of the power of contingency to affect outcomes.

Fisher instead decided to use submarines to defend home waters and mobile battle cruisers to protect imperial interests.

Mahan argued for a universal principle of concentration of powerful ships in home waters with minimized strength in distant seas. Although his history was relatively thin he relied on secondary sourcesthe vigorous style and clear theory won widespread acceptance of navalists across the world.

Although his history was relatively thin, based as it was on secondary sourceshis vigorous style and clear theory won widespread acceptance of navalists and supporters of the New Imperialism in Africa and Asia.

In later life, Mahan often spoke to Episcopal parishes. Mahan Elementary School and A. Finally, he attempted to ratify a treaty with the Colombian Government that would allow the United States to build an isthmian canal through the province of Panama. British naval superiority eventually defeated France, consistently preventing invasion and an effective blockade.

New York, NY, Government could guarantee access to these new international markets. United States[ edit ] Mahan believed that if the United States were to build an isthmian canal, it would become a Pacific power, and therefore it should take possession of Hawaii to protect the West Coast.

Theodore Roosevelt and Alfred Thayer Mahan.

Alfred Thayer Mahan

What concerned Mahan most was ensuring that the U. He then studied at Columbia for two years, where he was a member of the Philolexian Society debating club.Mahan formulated his concept of sea power while reading a history book in Lima, Peru.

[5] [6] The book was published by Mahan while president of the US Naval War College, and was a culmination of his ideas regarding naval warfare.

The influence of sea power upon history, 1660-1783

Mahan's thesis that for an nation to be great it had to be a sea power was immensely influential in the growth of the German Navy prior to World War 1 and the expansion of the US into overseas areas in the late 's and early ' Mahan argued that British control of the seas, combined with a corresponding decline in the naval strength of its major European rivals, paved the way for Great Britain’s emergence as the world’s dominant military, political, and economic power.

Jan 18,  · According to "The Influence of Sea Power upon History )" by Alfred Thayer Resolved. It was a United States naval officer/ historian, also known to be a propagandist to expansion, named Alfred Thayer Mahan who wanted to expand the extent of capacity /5(4).

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Mahan thesis
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