Retail sector in the indian economy

Conditions today are different. In Novemberthe Indian government announced relaxation of some rules and the opening of retail market to competition.

It is the second largest employer after India. On April 1Big Bazaar had to shut its outlets in Mumbai as the retrenched employees called a strike with the support of Bhartiya Kamgar Sena the trade Union wing of Shiv Sena. The Pepsi and Coca-Cola example is meaningless in the context of Indian beverage market.

Organised retailers will reduce waste by improving logistics, creating cold storage to prevent food spoilage, improve hygiene and product safety, reduce counterfeit trade and tax evasion on expensive item purchases, and create dependable supply chains for secure supply of food staples, fruits and vegetables.

According to available data it is also the largest employer in the services sector and maximum growth in the non-agricultural sector has been witnessed by retail trade.

This cannot be true because Walmart, with over stores worldwide, has only 2. Global retail leaders, some of which are partly owned by people of Indian origin, [62] can bring this knowledge. India too will benefit by integrating with the world, rather than isolating itself.

Suryamurthy, in an article in The Telegraphclaims farmer groups across India do not support status quo and seek retail reforms, because with the current retail system the farmer is being exploited. In addition to eliminating the "middle-man", due to its status as the leading retailer, suppliers of goods are pressured to drop prices in order to assure consistent cash flow.

Retail Sector of Indian Economy

Secondly, the number of big retail outlets in a particular city should be decided on the basis of population criterion and the employment level of local youth in the retail business. These demands are the visible impacts of the Retail Sector of Indian Economy. IKEA in the near term, plans to focus expansion instead in China and Russia, where such restrictions do not exist.

Retail reforms discussions are not new. Bharti Retail- a wholly owned subsidiary of Bharti Enterprises. Gadkari is the president of BJP, the key party currently organising opposition to retail reform.

A well-regulated retail sector will help curtail some of these abuses. If allowed to expand in India as much as Walmart has expanded in the United States, few thousand jobs may be created but millions will be lost. Given the perishable nature of food like fruit and vegetables, without the option of safe and reliable cold storage, the farmer is compelled to sell his crop at whatever price he can get.

The opening of retail industry to global competition is expected to spur a retail rush to India. How would you rated the usefulness of this contents Poor: It is simply not possible for Indian investors or the government to fund this expansion, job creation and growth at the rate India needs.

Reliance Retail has also been reported to have entered into an agreement with footwear manufacturer Bata India Ltd. The current opposition is not helping the consensus process, since consensus is not built by threats and disruption.

Thirdly, the format of these retail chains should also be regulated as is done in Malaysian case. The phobias relating to FDI in the retail sector are unfounded as neither the retailing sector in India is an infant industry, nor it can outweigh the paramount local tastes and preferences.

More recently, retail reforms announced evolved after a process of intense consultations and consensus building initiative.

Retailing in India

They should not be in the form of neighborhood convenience store and there should be minimum and maximum limit of the size of these stores. According to market analysts new malls, 1, supermarkets and departmental stores are going to come up in India in the next few days.

The retail sector is highly dependent on the rural sector. The first JV ensures cash and carry business, in which percent FDI is permitted and it can sell only to retailers and distributors. Other multi-brand retailers, such as Mitsukoshi of Japan, employ a much higher number of sales support employee per store, than Walmart, to suit local consumer culture.

Chief Ministers of many states have not made a personal statement in opposition or support of India needing retail reforms. Work will be done by Indians, profits will go to foreigners.

Global investment capital through FDI is necessary. The second JV concerns the franchise arrangement.Retail sector in India is one of the sunrise sectors. The article gives an insight to the growth of retailing in India post liberalization, the various sub segments within retailing, the challenges facing the industry and the future trends.

The India retail industry: who's who The Indian retail sector has been a euphoria over the last five years. India topped the A.T. Kearney's Global Retail Development Index for two consecutive years and this has infatuated Indian as well as foreign retail players to go gaga on the merchandising track.

Indian retail market is divided into “Organised Retail Market contributes 93 per cent of the total sector and “Unorganised Retail Market contributes the rest 7 per cent of the sector.

India’s Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce market is expected to reach US$ billion by ##. The retail industry is the backbone of growth of the economy with over 20% contribution towards the national GDP. The Indian retail sector is ranked among the top five global retail markets.

Non conventional sectors like Education and Training, Entertainment and media, as well as Telecom and Pharma sectors also have very good growth potential. The future trends of the retail sector of Indian economy: • • • • • The retail sector of Indian economy will grow up to 10% of total retailing by the year This stores have earned the reputation of being 'super saver locations'.

Aug 30,  · Sure, there are a lot of Indians and they’re getting richer; Indian retail is a growing industry. But the current wave of enthusiasm looks excessive. Consider the excitement surrounding Paytm.

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Retail sector in the indian economy
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