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We tell ourselves a story of our lives in which we almost always appear as the heroes. The man pushing turbines had a righteous indignation that was one-sided in this coverage. Alone in his vast repository off the coast of the largely ice-free Arctiche reviews archival footage from back "when we could have saved ourselves", trying to discern where it all went wrong.

I felt as if I was watching all my own excuses for not doing anything about climate change being stripped away from me. Whatever the full intent was, it got lost on me when NIMBY attitudes toward foot wind turbines were portrayed as ANTI-environmental, solely for the climate change aspect.

Clearly, the movie is meant to be seen by people who are already well-versed and convinced of the various repercussions of global warming. The movie has a semi-fictional framework with a future archivist, played by Pete Postlethwaite, sitting in a giant concrete tower in the melted Arctic oftelling us of the planetary neglect that led to his being the last surviving man.

Wind farms, which I find beautiful, seem like a totally sensible suggestion but they face tough fights in the film in England, as they also do here in the States. Piers Guy the aforementioned wind developer only had one small turbine on his farm. In the end, "The Age of Stupid" might change my thinking about power usage while its suggestion of energy rationing is probably the way to go for the future.

While I applaud the global approach, the choice of material seems a little off, as all of it is centered around oil, not global warming. Was he upset for lack of "greenness" or loss of personal profit?

Ironically, the movie is dated while the idea of humanity building a giant archive while not being able to save itself is a little strange to say the least. The producers also reduced crew costs by giving them shares to supplement their reduced wages. For people who are tired of watching nature being industrialized, the amount of land being covered by turbines is just as depressing as the prospect of runaway climate change.

As in Traffic or Crashdirector Franny Armstrong shows us six stories of people across the globe who embody painful contradictions, and whose lives are somewhat interlinked. Indeed, the most clever and solution-oriented part of the film is its production. The same fears could be said about factories in China, but it has been revealed recently that sulfur emissions from China have actually slowed down global warming.

The Age of Stupidstarting with its in-your-face title, is what might be called "a hecture", a hectoring lecture on the same subject which, like a hell-fire sermon, might go beyond fire and brimstone and dismiss the very thought of hell altogether.

This innovative financing and distribution may generate that communal feeling that spurs people into action, something the movie itself does not entirely achieve. The documentary could have benefited from a more compact and message-oriented approach, like that of An Inconvenient Truth.

But at the end I felt, for a while at least, that our civilisation is reaching its tipping point into oblivion, and that, like Kansas City as sung about in Oklahoma!The Age of Stupid is an excellent film, mainly because it achieves something quite rare in documentary films; it manages to be informative and reasonably scientifically accurate.

"The Age of Stupid" is a tragically uneven documentary about global warming that fails, but not for want of trying.

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It takes an intriguing approach by looking back from where an archivist 73%. The title of the documentary The Age of Stupid refers to the era of the audience. According to the filmmakers, we are wasteful to the point of self-destruction, and the opportunity to prevent our society’s suicide has almost passed.

Sep 21,  · Looking back from the vantage point of a devastated, CG-crafted future, Franny Armstrong's cautionary climate-change tale The Age of Stupid outlines the present day ills that, in /5.

The Age of Stupid is being hailed by many as a brilliant piece of environmental film making that will have an even greater impact than Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth was a quietly persuasive documentary on global warming that probably made many converts.

The Age of Stupid

The Age of Stupid, starting with its in-your-face title, is what might be.

Review of the age of stupid film
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