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An Ideal Husband

How might it function in the larger context of the play? An Ideal Husband features three notable objects in circulation, each playing fateful roles in the plot: Marchmont at one point exclaims: What might they symbolize?

The Ideal Husband Essays

Marchmont is only half-serious in tone, but one might take her joke seriously in light of a play that concerns itself with the dangers of the ideal spouse.

One could draw an obvious contrast between the ideas of love presented by Sir Robert and Lady Chiltern and in particular by isolating their confrontation at the end Act II.

In contrast, Sir Robert describes a masculine love that allows for or is predicated on human imperfection.

Marchmont by reversing the terms of her lament: Accordingly, their melodramatic dialogue serves as vehicle for a similarly generic discussion of love that reaffirms the social values of the Victorian stage.

Notably, all at some point pass through the hands of Mrs.

Study Questions 1 Take a short, humorous example of Wildean banter and explain why it is funny. Though written as a plea for help to Lord Goring, Sir Robert mistakes it as being a love letter addressed to him, facilitating his reconciliation with his wife.

What literary devices irony, sarcasm, paradox, etc. Contextualize these opinions within the larger moral scheme of the play. What might they suggest about characters, plot structure, etc.? To elaborate on a few that relate to the primary theme of marriage: You may want to isolate two characters or couples for comparison.

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Ever the wit, Lord Goring matches Mrs. Despite the conventional nature of these devices, however, how these objects circulate and what they might symbolize invite further interpretation.

These objects are also rich in symbolic properties. Joking with Lord Goring and Lady Basildon on the travails of having unendurably faultless husbands, Mrs. Tellingly this discussion describes love in explicitly gendered terms.Since the perfect husband is impossible to find, an ideal one may be easier to find.

In this essay, I am describing my ideal husband, that I desire to be married in the future. The first quality that I look for, is definitely his physical appearance/5(3).

'the Ideal Husband Essays

Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband Essay - Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband Oscar Wilde () lived an outrageous and controversial life which was well publicized and condemned, as his life defied the strict social mores of the time.

In essence, an ideal husband is hard to find since no man is perfect. As much as there are expectations for a husband, women should not set high standards for their men. Learning to understand each other in marriage is the best way to go.

% FREE Papers on 'the ideal husband essays. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Classhigh school & college. To translate further: the perfect husband may be morally upstanding but is a dreadful bore.

The ironical Mrs. Marchmont is only half-serious in tone, but one might take her joke seriously in light of a play that concerns itself with the dangers of the ideal spouse.

We will write a custom essay sample on My Ideal Husband specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now In such a case I cannot help but think that my future husband must be someone I can depend on.

It is also imperative that my future husband is an honest man. Honesty is especially vital in a relationship because both parties.

The ideal husband essay help
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