The myrtles plantation thesis

This postcard is referred to as the Chloe Postcard. From then on, Chloe was forced to wear a turban to cover her disfigured ear. Inthe original owner, General David Bradford, built it on an Indian burial ground.

The Legend of Chloe & Other Ghost Stories

The insurance company had required photographs to be taken that would show the Discover Driving distances from: Others saw ghostly apparitions, often of a young girl wearing a turban.

The various legends diverge as to why she did this, a house maid who was getting the favor of the mistress was a suspect with some saying she was getting revenge on the Woodruffs [2] and some saying she was attempting to redeem her position by curing the family of the poisoning.

Architecture[ edit ] Sited on a hill, the eastward facing frame house, with a clapboard exterior, is built in the Creole cottage -style that characterized many Louisiana plantation houses in the 19th century. The Myrtles Plantation offers daily guided tours of the home and self-guided tours of The myrtles plantation thesis The spacious entry hall runs the length of the house and features faux-bois, open pierced friezework molding, a French Baccarat crystal chandelier weighing more than pounds and a cantilevered staircase.

Benoit discovered that all of the physical measurements of the apparition were of human dimensions and proportions.

Chloe was then supposedly hanged by the other slaves, and thrown into the Mississippi River, either as punishment or to escape punishment by Clark Woodruff for harboring her. Guided day tours and private tours are offered daily, as well as complimentary self-guided tours of the grounds.

The production crew had several unexplained technical difficulties while filming it. Until today, visitors, as well as employees in the hotel, still hear his dying footsteps. General Bradford arrived in Louisiana and obtained a Spanish land grant of roughly acres. The two parlors feature Carrara marble mantles in the Rococo Revival -style on the north and south walls, and are crowned with elaborate plaster cornices and ceiling medallions, made from a mixture of clay, Spanish moss and cattle hair, with no two being the same.

The Myrtles Plantation is year-old antebellum mansion that was converted to a bed and breakfast inn in the s. The Myrtles Plantation is a plantation built in in St. It is the interior detailing, however, which is perhaps the most important feature of the Myrtles Plantation.

The ornamental cast-iron railing, with an elaborate grape-cluster design, supports a broad Doric entablatureand on the gabled roof, with six brick chimneys, are two large double paned, pedimented dormers with Doric style pilasters, interspersed with three single paned dormers.

One night, when the family was about to sit down to dinner and Woodruff was away, Chloe slipped a bit of poison into their food. He then collapsed into her arms on the stairs and died. Of course, anywhere with as much history as the Myrtles Plantation is probably bound to pick up a few legends over the years.

According to the owner, there was no one in that spot that day. Discover Blog Read about all of the new and exciting things happening at the Myrtles Plantation!The Myrtles Plantation Located in St.

Francisville, Louisiana. The Myrtles Plantation circa is one of America's most haunted homes. Also a B&B and daily tours conducted Handprints in the mirrors, footsteps on the stairs, mysterious smells, vanishing objects, death by poison, hangings, murder and gunfire -- the Myrtles Plantation in the West Feliciana town of St.

Francisville, Louisiana, holds the rather dubious record of hosting more ghostly phenomena than just about any other house in the killarney10mile.comon: South Mauvaisterre Street Jacksonville, IL, United States.

The Haunted History Of The Myrtles Plantation

During this time Frances Myers, writing as Frances Kermeen, wrote a book about the Myrtles Plantation, naming it as the most haunted house in America. [10] [11] The current owners, John and Teeta Moss, continue to open the house for tours and overnight guests.

Legends of Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation is located off US 61 North, in killarney10mile.comsville. It is open daily for tours am to 5: 00pm, with mystery tours at pm Friday and Saturday evenings; there is a fee for admission.

The Myrtles also offers bed and breakfast accomodations, and a restaurant (closed Monday and Tuesday). A few days after my visit to The Myrtles Plantation and I still felt a bit peculiar.

Myrtles Plantation

It could have just been my imagination messing with me, or residual creepiness from the dream I had while sleeping there, but I definitely saged the crap out of my house right away. The Myrtles Plantation is located 26 miles north of Baton Rouge and 98 miles north west New Orleans via interstate roads.

You will want to extend your visit in St. Francisville long enough to enjoy some of the 27 unique shops, 14 eateries, 7 plantation homes, and 14 other attractions which all look forward to the pleasure of your company.

The myrtles plantation thesis
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